Selecting a photographer to capture your day is possibly the most important decision you will  make throughout your wedding preparations. For this once-in-a-lifetime event the Bride and Groom form a partnership with their photographer, trusting that together they will create stunning images and beautiful memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

To ensure that you have found the perfect photographer, start your serach early and really do your homework. You'll be happy you did! Here are 10 Secrets to finding the Wedding Photographer of your dreams!
Suit Your Style

Before you do anything, first decide which photography style suits you. There are two general styles of wedding photography: photojournalistic and traditional. If you love "candid" shots, black and white action shots, you are probably leaning towards a photographer who's style is photojournalistic. If you prefer portraits and posed shots, a traditional style is more for you. If you just can't decide and you are a fan of both styles, find a photographer who is experienced and comfortable shooting in both styles on your wedding day.

Meet & Greet

Start compiling a list of candidates by researching photographers online or flip through wedding albums of friends and family members who recently got married. Speak with other experts you've been working with such as your wedding coordinator, makeup artist, caterers, ect. Bridal shows are another great resource where you can meet photographers in person and view their work.

Go With Your Gut

Don't underestimate the importance of bonding with your photographer. Some of the best shots of your wedding day will be those taken behind the scenes, and you need to feel comfortable about inviting him or her backstage. Your photographer will be there with you every step of the way. Your photographer will also have alot of contact with your friends and family, and be a very visible "guest" at your wedding. You will want to make sure he or she will fit right in with your loved ones.
To get those breath taking shots, your photographer has to be assertive enough to hunt and capture those great moments, enthusiastic enough to achieve relaxed smiles and natural poses from guests, and calm enough to be a positive attribute. He or she should ask you plenty of questions about your wedding visions and be a good listener. Go with your gut, if anything about him or her rubs you the wrong way, move on.

Choose Wisely

Professional Wedding Photographers will have a portfolio book of their best work to show you. If a candidate doesn’t have one, you may want to think twice—he may be too disorganized or possibly just a guy with a camera. The last thing you want to have is someone with no experience shooting your wedding. I have seen and heard horror stories about this!

While browsing a portfolio book, look for sharp images, good compositions, and great lighting. The more photojournalistic style images should convey a sense of emotion, while the bride and groom should look relaxed and natural in their portraits.

Before you commit you may want to examine a wedding album the photographer has shot and designed. You should be able to get a good sense of the couple’s style and personality as you browse through their album. Ask the photographer about his or her philosophy regarding wedding albums—your photographer should agree that every album is unique and should “tell the story of your wedding”.

Special Wedding Effects

If you are looking to achieve a particular effect—fish eye lenses, black and white images, sepia-toned images, magazine style wedding album—be sure you see examples of the photographer’s technique. You don’t want to be part of an experiment for the photographer. Be certain that the final result is exactly what you are looking for and not too extreme for your liking.

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