A sleepy baby is a heavenly sight. The newborn phase passes quickly.  Before you know it they aren’t so small and crinkly, and they are starting to  fill out and are totally changed from when they were first born.  Dont miss this beautiful window of opportunity!

Your baby becomes more and more beautiful as time goes by, your baby grows and you  simply just dont want to miss out on documenting those precious moments in time. Milestone photography is the best way to watch your baby grow! 

Where will the baby session take place?

All of my photography sessions are done at my studio. I provide all lighting,backdrops, props, and equipment necessary for a successful session with your baby. During the photoshoot we will most definitely take breaks for feeding and cuddling with your newborn as necessary. 

How long will the session last?  

A newborn session will typically last between one and a half to three hours in length. We may need to take several breaks along the way to ensure a comfortable and happy baby, which makes newborn sessions somewhat unpredictable. Please plan accordingly. 

When should I call to book my newborn session?

If you are pregnant and know that you will want newborn photos of your baby, please schedule your session as soon as possible. As I try to fit in every newborn photoshoot request, my schedule does fill up quickly, and once it is full, it is sometimes difficult to do so. Once you are on the schedule, you will be given priority session scheduling when your baby finally arrives. If your baby has already arrived, please feel free to call me to inquire about a session, as I do try to fit in all newborns when possible. 

When should I call to schedule the actual session date? 

It is ideal for clients to put me on their birth call list so they remember to notify me as soon as possible after their baby is born (email is great too!). This allows me to make any necessary changes to the schedule to ensure that your newborn session will take place within the first two weeks. Prior to the birth of your new baby, we will have already established which days would be best to schedule your session, working around Daddy’s work schedule or other family member’s schedule in order for everyone to be part of the newborn’s first photoshoot. 

When is the best time to photograph a newborn session? 

The best time to photograph your newborn is within 8-14 days after birth. There may be circumstances where your baby may have to be photographed later ( such as a longer stay at the hospital), but in general we want to photograph your baby as soon as possible. This gives us the chance to get those precious curled up sleep shots or maybe one of your baby’s very first smiles. 

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What will my baby and I need to wear? What should I bring to the shoot?

Once you reserve your newborn session, I will send you information and a preparation sheet to help you get ready for your photoshoot. My goal is always to provide you with the most unique and personalized photographs. I will initially ask you several questions about your family in order to bring out your own style and personality in all your photographs. 
What if my baby cries or is cranky?

Once you schedule your newborn session, I will give you all the information needed to help you prepare for your photoshoot. Following a few guidelines will help ensure a sleepy baby at the start of your session allowing us to capture every bit of perfection. By the end of the session we hope to have caught a few images with your baby’s eyes wide open, looking curiously at the world around him. 

Do I have to be in the pictures also? 

Yes! I most definitely recommend taking a few pictures with your new bundle of joy. Forget about those sleepless nights for a minute, and remember that this is one of those moments you will never get back. You will be very thankful years from now as you flip through his/her baby album, showing your child their very first baby pictures.  

Can we take pictures of our newborn with their big brother and sister?

Absolutely! I think it is very important for the whole family to be a part of the newborn’s very first photoshoot. Newborn and sibling portraits, especially small toddlers, can be a bit more of a challenge to capture, but it is possible. Every newborn and toddler is unique in their personalities and their attitude towards one another, bringing a certain level of difficultly to capturing newborn and sibling images. I will try several different ideas that usually work well in photographing siblings.