What to Expect During Your Baby's One Year Photo Session

While one year olds are usually a riot, they can also be serious, silly, laughing, crying, and playing. They have a myriad of emotions and they wear them on their proverbial sleeve. I don’t spend the whole session trying to get them to sit still (or stand still) and smile at the camera. While I do like to get some of those precious smiling and sitting poses, I also like to capture them just being themselves.
Usually if they are in their element, they are happier, sillier, and more like themselves then if you were forcing them to sit still. 

One Year Cake Smash Tips

Cake smash sessions are a great way to celebrate your baby turning one! It’s an important milestone to celebrate, so what better way to do this than with a smash and splash session so you have fun images to look back on as a reminder. Below are some of my top tips for a successful cake smash session. 

1. Decide on an Outfit in Advance

It is important to know the outfit choice before your session so that backdrops and props can coordinate with the look you are after. I have a small selection of tutus, headbands and bow ties which can be used for your session if you are struggling for inspiration yourself. If you decide to go for nappy only, a nappy cover is something to consider.

When Should I Book My Baby's One Year session?

​Crawling, standing with help or even walking. Teeth! It’s all here by now. This is a milestone for sure! Never fear if your baby is not walking yet, you still will want to get their portraits done at 1 year! Some of my clients will wait just a couple weeks after their birthday because they know for sure they may be walking. Other Mom's like to book 2 - 3 weeks before their baby turns One so that they can display their photos at the party or on a slideshow to play of your little one's first year for friends and family. Again, it is up to you. Celebrating your baby’s first year is for both of you! You have been with your little one now for 1 year and can’t imagine life any different. It is time to capture another fantastic moment in their/your life!

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What Should I Bring to the Session?

There will be tons of little props, bins, headbands, blankets, backdrops, etc. already included in your package, however you’ll need to bring along some special personalized items to use in your session:

*  2 to 3 different outfits
*  Birthday Party Specific Themed Items and      Toys 
*  Smash Cake 
* Birthday Balloons (color coordinate with          birthday party theme) 
* Your Baby’s Favorite Toy, blanket, Music,        Snacks, etc. to help them keep smiling :)
2. Personalize Your Set

I think it's fun to highlight your baby's personality during this milestone with all their favorite things. This is where you could incorporate some decorations from the first birthday party (such as a banner with their name, favorite Disney Character toy, of specific Party Theme items)  Bring it along to your session or even send a photo over prior so we can plan how best to use the items during your session. It's a great way to make the cake smash more personal to you.

3. The Cake

For my cake smash sessions I do ask the parents to purchase the cake so the cost of the session can be kept down but also to make things easier with food allergies.

You still need to consider the outfit and backdrop colors when choosing your cake to make sure it works with the rest of the image. Darker cakes don’t tend to work as well as they can look a bit too messy and distracting once covering babies face, but if your little one only eats chocolate cake then don’t let this stop you…after all, the point is to look messy right?

Little tip- Let your baby have cake at least 2 times in the weeks leading up to the cake smash session. This way they will be familiar with cake and more excited about it rather than being in the exploration phase. Its also a great chance for you to find out which type of cake your baby prefers, if there are any allergies or sensitivity from the icing colouring and if they even like the texture of icing…believe it or not, a lot of babies are put off by the texture of the icing so if you can find this out before the session, it should result in a happier session.